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Countdown to my “Mitzvah Mission…!”

Posted on: April 6, 2011


We're officially on the schedule in Sderot!

It’s been a loooooong while since I’ve written anything for my GrooveBlog!! Naturally, being the sole proprietor of my business, along with being the mother of three teenagerss, a wife, mother to a new puppy AND taking on the jobs of writing a monthly post for, and choreographing a FlashMob Dance for our local minor league baseball team’s opening night, I’ve been VERY BUSY!!! However, I’ve been wanting to post about an upcoming event, and I’ve been thinking about writing for many weeks. Well, now the event is a mere 15 days away, so the time is NOW!!!

No matter your political beliefs or where you stand on the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, the fact remains that the residents of southern Israel have been targeted with rockets for a long period of time. Terrorists have continually sent rockets into residential areas for the sole purpose of killing innocent Israeli civilians. Without going into further detail or having this blog become a forum for a debate, let’s just leave it that the situation has been so bad in the past, that the Jewish National Fund (JNF) here in the United States, raised enough money and built for the citizens of Sderot, and indoor playground, so that the children and families of this southern city have a safe place where they can play, host parties, and enjoy recreational activities. Here is a description of this amazing facility:

Over the past few years, the Israeli communities on the border with Gaza have endured continual Kassam rocket attacks. These attacks are untargeted, but some have hit residences and schools, killing 11 citizens and hurting hundreds more. The city of Sderot, located on the border with Gaza, has been hardest hit — its children growing up in the shadow of violence, fear, and uncertainty.

To directly impact the lives of the children of Sderot and provide them with the chance to simply be kids, Jewish National Fund has embarked on a massive project: building the largest indoor playground in Israel in Sderot. The all-inclusive Indoor Recreational Center opened on March 10, 2009 to provide Sderot’s youth with a place to have fun, connect with friends, enjoy stimulating classes, and be children, beyond the conflict. A place to feel strong and free, away from their daily helplessness and anxiety. And parents can have peace of mind knowing that their children are playing and learning in an environment that is safe and secure

To learn more about this playground, check out

While attending the National Conference for JNF in Philadelphia not too long ago, I had the opportunity to hear the Mayor of Sderot speak. David Bouskila was an amazing speaker, despite his difficulties with the English language. In short, he expressed to us his thanks for what JNF had done for his community. I was so moved by his speech, and made sure that I met him personally afterwards. He gave me his business card, and told me that if I ever went to Sderot, to be sure to get in touch.

Well, I will be traveling to Israel ONE WEEK FROM TODAY!! My daughter is invited to the Bar Mitzvah of the brother of her friend, so while she is attending this happy occasion, I decided to travel with her. I’ll be doing my own thing (joined by my sister,) while she celebrates with this wonderful family. Our activities and adventures will sometimes be together, and a great trip has been planned for all of us.

One of the adventures we will be having together will be to travel south to Sderot, to offer the families there an opportunity to Zumba, and enjoy a high-energy, very interactive DANCE PARTY!!! As I’ve written in the past, it’s a wonderful thing to GIVE BACK, and I can’t think of too many people who deserve to relax, celebrate, dance, play games and enjoy thmeselves more than the citizens of Sderot!!

Although things with me right now are crazy/busy, it’s time to put the focus on this BIG EVENT!! The FlashMob Dance is well underway, other personal and professional events are completed, so the focus for the next few days leading up to our departure is the P*A*R*T*Y!!!

The Bar Mitzvah mom, Tamar, has spoken with Yossi, the gentleman who runs the playground, and the official advertising has begun. We are not sure how many people to expect (50? 100? 200??) nor are we sure of the ages of the kids (0-18!!!) NOR are we even 100% CERTAIN that we will travel to Sderot. If we are feeling uncomfortable because of any rocket activity around the time of our scheduled visit, we will NOT go do that area. I hope and pray that all is quiet, and that we will feel confident and excited to venture south. We are planning and will be packing everything we need to make this party happen, so all systems are go at this point. And seeing the ad for the first time today made all of this a reality for me… I would really hate to disappoint anyone.

So, that is all for now. I must get back to work. But I wanted to at least post about what we are planning to do. More details to follow…Thanks very much.


2 Responses to "Countdown to my “Mitzvah Mission…!”"

The world is a global village, and it’s awesome that you are spreading your philanthropy and healthy Zumba message to Sderot! Travel safe, and please post lots of photos on your blog upon your return.

All the best,

Betsy, you make my heart sing. You are not just a talker but a doer. If all of us just did a little bit (including me) our world would be a better place. Although I wish you much success on this endeavor, yes please, do not put yourself in harms way. Be cautious and I would love to hear about it upon your return. The community as a whole should be aware about this…perhaps the “Voice” will be interested in this trip.

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  • betsydance: Thanks, Gregg! You are very thoughtful, and I appreciate your good wishes...I'll keep everyone posted, but as of now, it's a go!Starting to get excit
  • Gregg Hollmann: Thanks for posting this update, and I wish you continued safe travels. Hopefully you will travel to Sderot to entertain the kids!
  • Daryl Farber: Betsy, you make my heart sing. You are not just a talker but a doer. If all of us just did a little bit (including me) our world would be a better


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