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My Mitzvah Mission is looking IFFY!!!

Posted on: April 12, 2011

So I finally make the time to write about my upcoming Dance/Zumba Party that I’m hoping to offer the families in Sderot, and literally, the next day, the terrorist group Hamas blew up an Israeli school bus. not too far from the city.   From the website http://debka.comHamas’s attack on a school bus Thursday, April 7, using a sophisticated Cornet anti-tank missile for the first time. A 16-year old boy was critically wounded. This attack was followed by 50 Palestinian rockets and mortar rounds, a blitz which had not abated by Friday night despite constant Israeli counteraction.

debkafile discloses the mounting violence has more than one objective: Hamas is trying to establish new rules for the conflict on advice and directives coming from its Lebanese ally, Hizballah, to step up its barrage on Israel by 25 percent. The IDF is forced to respond to the resulting escalation in kind.

So, this is what’s been going on since I first shared my plans on this blog!! Needless to say, it’s been a very worrisome and emotional couple of days for me! On top of being exhausted (One Zumbathon Friday night ~ That’s 2.5 hours of Zumbaing in one evening, plus cleaning between the two sessions!, two parties on Saturday and two parties on Sunday) I am torn by all the different emotions I am experiencing!!

On the one hand, I have been thinking about this party, dreaming of this party, and talking about this party for months!! Although always a bit nervous, it’s something that I’ve wanted to do for a long time. Now, with this escalated violence, I feel terrible on so many levels. First of all, I am so sorry and upset for the people living in Sderot. They should not have to suffer through this. Secondly, I am extremely disappointed by the fact that I might not be able to do this event. As I mentioned before in my previous blog , no one deserves to shake off some stress and enjoy a party more than the families of Sderot!  I feel awful that there is a good chance that the agression of these different terrorist groups might prevent me from doing what I love to do!!  I have been upset and worried since the weekend and I’ve been talking with several people and doing a lot of reading.  (Basically driving myself crazy!!)

Naturally, the Israeli perspective is completely different than the American view.  “Come on down, it’s been very quiet today.  And we only had two alarms yesterday!”  This from the head maintainance guy at the playground!  JNF personnel in Israel have also mentioned how the families will be so happy knowing that someone flew over the Atlantic just to put smiles on their faces.  And, the ever-popular, “The show must go on!”  Of course, everyone assures me that it is my decision, and they will respect my choice about going no matter what I decide.

And then there’s the opposing responsibility issue.  How could I even consider going to a dangerous area with my loved ones and friends??  Who would even think of such a thing – especially as part of a “vacation??”  And, topping it all off yesterday was the phone call I received from my father, (who, by the way, rarely ever phones me,) during which he told me he doesn’t want me to go to Israel at all!!  I needed that like a hole in the head!!

So, after much reading, conversing w/ Israelis here and in Israel, speaking to Americans and even my Rabbi’s wife, the plan now stands that we WILL travel to Israel, and then take a wait and see approach regarding our day in Sderot…I will be planning/packing as if the Show Must Go On,” and then we shall see.  I want to share w/ you all the fun stuff we are taking, but it’s extremely late right now, and I must get to sleep!

(My thought is that if I am TOTALLY exhausted by Wednesday, I should really sleep well on the plane!) More to follow…Nighty night!


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  • betsydance: Thanks, Gregg! You are very thoughtful, and I appreciate your good wishes...I'll keep everyone posted, but as of now, it's a go!Starting to get excit
  • Gregg Hollmann: Thanks for posting this update, and I wish you continued safe travels. Hopefully you will travel to Sderot to entertain the kids!
  • Daryl Farber: Betsy, you make my heart sing. You are not just a talker but a doer. If all of us just did a little bit (including me) our world would be a better


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