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And NOW what??

Posted on: April 16, 2011

After a VERY LONG day of touring, I returned to the hotel in Jerusalem, and immediately checked on line to “take the temperature” of the southern region in Israel. Even though I have been asking people if anything is happening around Sderot, I knew nothing about this til just now…

Air Force fighter jets struck two targets in Gaza early on Saturday, in response to a double Grad rocket attack on Ashdod that shattered a six-day ceasefire.

Friday’s Palestinian rocket fire triggered warning sirens in the southern port city, and sent residents fleeing for cover.

The rockets exploded in open areas, failing to cause injuries or damages.

Hours later, warplanes flew over Gaza and struck two terror targets, the IDF Spokesman said.

“An accurate strike was identified, and the planes returned to base safely,” the spokesman added.

No details were provided on the targets that were struck.

“The IDF will not tolerate fire on the South, and views Hamas as being responsible,” said the spokesman.

Palestinian sources did not report any injuries in Gaza following the air strikes.

It was not immediately clear which organization in Gaza fired the rockets.

Some reports suggested al-Qaeda-affiliated Salafi jihadi members had fired the Grads in spite of a Hamas order to all armed factions to respect a ceasefire with IsraelSo, once again I’m not feeling 100% confident about our party at the playground. Granted, I’m very tired right now – it’s 11:30pm Israel time, and we’ve been out touring in the north since 8:30am. I am too bleary-eyed to keep reading about the stikes/counter strikes and what it all means for the future…But I am definitely surprised and dismayed to read about this, and now go to my room with a heavy heart…The “shattering of the six-day ceasefire” (that’s it?? only six freakin’ days??) was NOT the news I wanted to see…

I will speak w/ everyone tomorrow and see what’s what…What else can I do??


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  • betsydance: Thanks, Gregg! You are very thoughtful, and I appreciate your good wishes...I'll keep everyone posted, but as of now, it's a go!Starting to get excit
  • Gregg Hollmann: Thanks for posting this update, and I wish you continued safe travels. Hopefully you will travel to Sderot to entertain the kids!
  • Daryl Farber: Betsy, you make my heart sing. You are not just a talker but a doer. If all of us just did a little bit (including me) our world would be a better


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